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Vendics in a large, urban office tower were enduring a consistently poor mobile user experience and low signal quality (as well as outright gaps) in their wireless connectivity. Access Points were resting on furniture surfaces, in conference rooms, and in the lobby, with a few sporadically mounted on various wall surfaces.

Client:  Vendics

Services:  Product Design


In order to ensure quality in the construction and deployment of the various elements that comprise the telecommunications network (in terms of the equipment as well as the installations for technical settings and public works), telecommunications providers define their own control processes that cover all the phases of the project: design, construction, infrastructure adaptation, equipment installation, integration, and start-up.

A high-profile Vendics accepted a bid from Outsourceo to develop and deploy a Network-As-A-Service (NaaS) offering for their new office location. Standing up a new office, the client wanted to manage costs while fully supporting their new teams and avoiding the frequent glitches that plague new office installments. They sought a partner to deploy and manage the networking and information security at the new location.


Widelity proposed an increase in coverage area to improve connectivity, form factor, and handoff performance in this existing office tower. Included were a design, physical installation, access points, and all necessary hardware to complete the installation, as well as onsite technical support following the installation process to insure both robust connectivity and system function as designed.

Widelity engineering and operations consultants surveyed the premises, assessed coverage challenges, and created a network design. Active and passive components were procured, shipped, and an after-hours installation was scheduled and performed over a period of several days. Following that, technicians and engineers were onsite with the customer validating coverage improvements.

Based on the client’s positive experiences with Outsourceo in the past, they chose to move forward with the NaaS offering. Planning for a three-week project from signing to final buildout and acceptance, the result is a comprehensive, state of the art NaaS deployment befitting the prestigious nature of the assignment.


Dramatically improved wireless connectivity and an enormously improved user experience are now enjoyed throughout the office space. Vendics are now able to leave their desks and walk to conference rooms, other offices, and even other floors with no loss in connectivity or speed.

The three-week bid was completed on time and on budget. At the conclusion of the deployment, Outsourceo provided a full onboarding session to ensure key client stakeholders understand the solution and the process for opening support tickets. The client’s new office is now up and running and, by having manage the wired, wireless, and firewall portions of the network, the client’s engineering team is able to focus on accomplishing their larger strategic objectives.

If faults or defects are identified during an audit, the corresponding issues are opened and entered into a tool that manages the quality assurance process so they may be corrected by the company that has executed the project (vendor). Once the vendor has indicated in the tool that the issue is resolved, the auditor must confirm that this is in fact the case, and if not, the issue is resubmitted.

(Source: vendics.com)

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