Landscape Supplies

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Natural Stone Supplies

Our natural stone is naturally awesome for your landscape project. We toured the country looking for just the right flagstone outcroppings and boulders to accent your landscape project. Stop in and check out our inventory today. We have varying sizes of boulders available. Assorted boulders may be picked out individually. All flagstone is sold by the piece or by the ton. Ton price is taking 1 complete ton - no hand picking. No returns on flagstone material. 1 Ton will make a wall approximately 18-20 ft tall or a walkway 70-100 sq ft.

Store & Supplies

Accent your landscape with our fresh annuals. We have a great selection of herbs, vegetable plants, fruit trees and edible shrubs to start your garden. We select our growers by the care and quality of their plants. We pass this quality on to you along with the assistance of our nursery people to help you with the selection of your plant material. Your planting project would not be complete without the beautiful green Kentucky Blue Grass Blend sod which arrives fresh daily.

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Bulk & Bag Material

We offer an array of bulk and bagged material for your landscape needs! This material includes stones, sand, gravel, and mulch which are native to Michigan or imported from across North America! We also screen and custom blend soils to meet your requirements. Let your imagination fly with ideas to create your own custom yard. From a simple walk to a raised patio with all the amenities, Panetta's is the place to let your dreams come true. Enhance your project with custom lighting. We drill and install lights in brick pavers and wallstone as well as a full line of Alliance accent outdoor lighting - the number one name in outdoor lighting.

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Garden Maintenance

Our skilled lawn maintenance professionals will ensure that your grass is always cut to perfection

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Garden Overhauls

We clean, cut, fertilize your lawn and do pest control as well! Just let’s us take care of your garden, you won’t regret it.

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Landscape Design

Do you already have a garden but want to get the best of it? Our landscaping services will make your garden look beautiful.

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Your Garden Needs a Bit of Love? Contact Us Now!

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