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Because of all they do for us, we believe we have a responsibility to making a positive impact on the future of bee health. Yes, bees give us delicious honey (which we personally can't live without!), but more importantly, they sustain our ecosystems. Without them, we wouldn't have what we need to live healthy, happy lives. Not all beekeepers are equal. We support the ones who have the same vision as we do - to protect and take care of bees and their hives, not just profit from them. We even provide free testing to our family of beekeepers to ensure the bees have not been exposed to commonly used pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics.

That's what you get with our honey - pure, unadulterated goodness, thanks to these trusted beekeepers. Together, we work to support bee populations and keep hives healthy.

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Swap sugar for honey

We believe that the future of the honey bees lies not only in our hands, but in little hands also. We've created an interactive lesson plan for teachers and educators to download and print. This free-bee lesson plan is perfect for elementary ages.

The honey we get is straight from the hive. So naturally, there will be some bee parts and chunks of pollen and wax floating around. So we strain it. Straining, not filtering, lets all the good stuff through, but keeps the bigger stuff out.

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Our Sales Consultant analyse the needs of the client from the very first contact.They ensure that best practice is applied throughout the move process to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

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Bees make honey. And it’s that unadulterated honey we want. We test for a clean read of antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides. And no added corn or rice syrups. We test, test, test the honey that comes through our loading dock day after day.

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“Quick response. Honey spilled during shipment. They replaced item quickly. So happy to replenish my stock of raw Honey and it is so pure and rich and buttery. "

Lara James
CEO, Nyrato LTD
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Need a Steady Supply of All-Natural, Organic, Super-Sweet Honey?

Bee Pollen is pollen from various flowers of summer season. Pollen is a superfood which contains enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and protein.