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Come exploring amazing works of art. Enjoy a 2 hour guided discussion of a masterpiece from our collections.

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More Than 1000 Works by Various Artists and About 150 Sculptures by Famous Masters.

The gallery provides an accessible and efficient service to our clients with high-quality paintings and sculptures. You can discover the works of both future artists and works of famous artists.


We Are Proud of Our Name

Caleo is recognised as a worldwide leader in art exhibitions by our clients and customers but also by our unique collections. See highlights of our recent awards below.

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Many Experiences In One Way


What our Clients Value

"An atmospheric place for inspiration. Great opportunity to look into your own world and create your own picture!"
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John Davis


"An atmospheric place for inspiration. Great opportunity to look into your own world and create your own picture!"
man with orange hat
John Davis


"A fantastic gallery that shows modern art - keen to come again. Large range of works and perfect location!"
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Tom Harris


"Absolutely enjoyed my visit.Not only is the building itself worth the time but the exhibitions are really inspiring!"
Sara Robinson


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