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    march, 1994

    Our Church Was Open

    In February of 1994, a train steamed into Flagstaff past the Santa Fe depot and dropped off the Glad Tidings chapel car at a siding by the lumber mill just west of town. Arizona Baptist missionary W.A. Vanderhoof began services in the car that continued in that location until the end of the year. The Coconino Sun reported that: “In spite of a bad location, the audiences have been growing at the chapel car. Sunday’s services were well attended and enthusiastic.”

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    march, 2020

    Dedicates Worship Assistants

    Through the years, music and Christian education have been priorities for the church. The first choirmaster was Brother Doc Westbrook followed by Brother Joe Nathan Justice. The first pianist was Brother Ezekiel Claxton followed by Sister Isabella Westbrook. The early leaders of the Sunday school were Brother Joe Alexander and Brother E. L. Gray who served as the first superintendents. Mrs. Levina Jones who at age 13 began playing the piano for Fullview Missionary Baptist Church. Mrs. Jones retired after more than forty years service as pianist.

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    march, 2020

    A New Era of Church Leadership

    Pastor Peggs told the congregation about a revelation from God, one he believed would serve as a guide for the church in its service to the Bartlett community. Pastor Peggs had three priorities for the church. First was to build a family life center where members of all ages could learn about the Gospel and enjoy church events and recreation. The building opened in August of 2010.

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    march, 2020

    More Prayer, More Teaching

    Through Pastor Peggs’ leadership, Fullview soared to greater heights with more than 20 ministries for people of all ages. Weekly Prayer meetings and Bible classes helped members to learn about the Gospel and to apply what they learned by having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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    march, 2020

    Our Present Sanctuary

    Two years after that historic moment, another one of Pastor Peggs’ priorities came to fruition. Our beautiful and spacious temple to God was dedicated on July 4, 2019. We are thankful to the pioneer men and women, some who were born into slavery that had the courage to look beyond their conditions and soar to greater heights. For this—we are Fullview Missionary Baptist Church—A church in the heart of the community with the community at heart—bringing Christ to men and men to Christ with a Fullview.

Church Officers

Meet Our Wonderful Team of Clergymen

Jeremy Erickson


Mae Mendez


Barbara Paul

Head of Worship Team

Erik Peters

Deputy Pastor

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Look How Our Church Helped these People

Here I grew Spiritually

I had searched for a bible-based church for a long time and once I came to Vestry, it just felt like I had finally arrived at my home.

John Robbins


Great Blessing for Me

Thank you so much for embracing me! I pray GOD’s continual Hand of Protection, Provision & Favor on your ministry and members!

James Vaughn

Truck Driver

The Best Church

My mother-in-law told us about her church and we love it. It’s a true Bible based church like I’ve been looking for!! We finally found our church family!!

John Robbins


They Changed My Life

It’s rare today to find a biblical church that teaches the word of God. At Vestry Bible we get fed the knowledge of Christ helping to grow as Christians.

Herbert Massey

Police Officer

My Church Home

Bible vacation school was very important to me and my family. It gave us a sense of oneness with the church and a connection with God.

James Vaughn

Truck Driver

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3rd Avanue, 83 Manhattan, NewYork, USA

Mon - Thu 9am – 5pm. Sat, Sun 10am – 9pm

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