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Managing the Inbound Auto Supply Chain

A lot of logistics professionals use the terms warehouse and distribution center interchangeably. Some of them even say that “there is effectively no difference between a warehouse and a distribution center”.

Collaborative Supply Chains Solutions

This case study illustrates the value generated by collaborative supply chain operations. It demonstrates the value that can be had when two different companies in the same industry combine their supply chain operations.

Optimizing Activities in Distribution

For this global industrial manufacturer of vehicles and engines, production depends on exceptional and reliable service throughout the supply chain. When the manufacturer was looking for a partner to manage its distribution centers…

New Design For Cargo and Warehouse

Your customer service offer is one of the most critical of these factors, particularly concerning order lead times. For example, if speedy delivery is a part of your service strategy (which is often the case in today’s on-demand environment)

ZYL Launches 12 Charter Flights

While this mix of cargo wouldn’t be extraordinary for long-haul widebody freighter flights between two major cities, the connection between XIA and HAN illustrates a growing trend in which demand for luxury imports in even secondary…

Can Transit Time Be Guaranteed

The Essential Guide to Cargo Damage gives you an indepth explanation into the types of cargo damage. Global trade involves the movement of cargo in ships from point to point across continents and the vast oceans. Seaborne trade accounts…

Cargo Theft Statistics & Trends

Cargo theft can occur anywhere along the supply chain, affecting local logistics, transporters, storage yards, groupage operators, LCL consolidators, ports, depots, terminals, insurance, carriers and freight forwarders equally.

Fraudulent Freight Forwarders

The activity of Freight Forwarding has been around for many years and there has been a recent resurgence of the forwarder especially in the form of a digital freight forwarder. Unfortunately fraudulent freight forwarders have permeated…

Food and Beverage in Store Delivery

What path do the components in your food and beverage products travel before ending up on the store shelf? Do you know exactly where every pallet of tomatoes, every sack of flour, and every can of beer or soda came from and where it is now?

Customized Fleet Technology Solutions

As a warehouse manager, you would understand that handling warehouse operations are a massive task. One small mistake may affect the efficiency and productivity of the warehouse. You must continually implement measures…

A National Wholesale Distributor

A national wholesale distributor supplies was struggling to manage its complex supply chain and maintain high levels of customer service, which is a top priority. With over 20 decentralized sites spread across five states…

WordPress Website Audit by a Website Maintenance Company

Talking about a website audit, it’s important to consider that there are approximately 400 million active websites on the World Wide Web today. Considering that almost 60% of the global population uses the internet if you’re a business looking to make it, it’s probably a good idea to create a website. But creating a website isn’t enough, …