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We have all heard that old saying, “you get what you pay for”. Well, this rule definitely applies to burglar alarm systems. The truth is, some security systems are cheap and some are expensive.

Over my 25 plus year career in the security industry, I have researched, sold, installed, and because we have our own central station at American Alarm Systems, watched alarm signals for more hours than I would like to admit.

In this blog, I will tell you how much a burglar alarm system costs so that you will understand what you are about to purchase.

This cost is different from company to company. If you purchase a security system on Amazon and cannot install it yourself, then you will have to hire an alarm company to install it for you.

Most alarm companies that will install a consumer security system usually charge a $99 installation fee plus monthly monitoring fees.

When buying a system online, be aware that most of the time professional alarm companies will not install consumer bought products! Why? Alarm companies do not know if the purchased products are used, do not work, or have compatibility issues.

Buying burglar security systems and devices from eBay really makes alarm companies run away from a sale. Most alarm companies would rather supply and install their own equipment rather than go through this hassle.

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