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We are always on guard for your family and business. Security service for your personal safety.


Effective Integrated Security Services For
Businesses And Home Control Online.

Effective Integrated Security Services For Businesses And Home Control Online.

Access Control

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Video Intercoms

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Smart Home Systems

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Ready Kits

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Video Analytics Systems

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Camcorders Kits

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Our Executive Team

Innovative security agency for everyday needs. Guaranteed your safety with highly trained manpower. Any dangerous situation under our control.

Kathy Hawkins

Coordinator Manager


Coordinator Manager

Bharat Timilsina

Bharat Timilsina

Billy Anderson

Electrical Engineer


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We Specialize In
Non-insurable Risks.

Bodyguards are highly trained professionals who are entrusted with the personal security of individuals. One of the most common reasons that New Yorkers contact Citadel is for bodyguard executive.


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Our Professional Security Agencies Is One Of The Largest Celebrity Protection Agencies In The World.

Comprehensive Services

At any given time, organizations have varying levels of risks that could impact their business. There may be an emergency at a warehouse facility that requires an immediate response. Meanwhile, supply chain issues have arisen that are best addressed by a thorough investigation over time. Executives may be planning a visit to a politically unstable region and need a safe travel plan.

Risk Advisory Services
Risk-Based Screening
Security Risk Management
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