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One thing nearly every home owner is concerned about is home security. Whether that means installing a burglar alarm, a home security camera, or simply fortifying windows and doors for a more burglar proof home.

While there are many home security professionals who can help install home security equipment, there are certain cost-effective do it yourself home security projects that can be done quickly and easily in just an hour or two.

An automatic garage door opener is not only a terrific convenience, it can help burglar proof your home. Older automatic garage openers manufactured before 1978, however, are much less secure. If fact, they can represent a home security risk.

It is possible for anyone with a “code grabber” to crack the code of older models of automatic garage door openers. This device works by picking up codes transmitted by the garage door remote control. It copies the code on a computer chip. The code can then be retransmitted to open the garage door.

“Code scamming” is similar. With the same type transmitter and easy-to-obtain electronics, the code to the garage door control can be scanned, and triggered. With a “point” and a “click” the garage door opens in a matter of minutes.

Most new models of automatic garage door openers are burglar proof because they use a non-repeating “rolling-code” remote control. The code is changed after every use for home security purposes. Check your owner’s manual to discover what type of garage door opener you have.

Exchanging an older model for a newer, more secure automatic garage door opener is a relatively inexpensive, do it yourself home security project. It will go a long way in providing a safer home, as well as peace of mind. Before beginning the project, however, check local codes, and follow all safety precautions.

Disassemble the peephole; unscrew the optical glass lens from its base, and install the lens into the hole on the exterior side of the door. Using your fingers, screw the base back onto it from the interior side. Tighten using a coin placed into the slots on the interior side of the peephole.

Nearly 80% of all burglars enter through a door. By making the garage and exterior doors into your home more secure, you’ve taken effective steps to heighten home security.

Another effective home security measure is to fortify sliding glass doors by installing a sliding glass door lock. A foot lock or removable drop bar, also known as a Charlie Bar, are two good choices. Both these items can be purchased where sliding glass door hardware is sold.

A wooden double hung window can be made more secure with the use of window pins. Use these in addition to the crescent latch designed to keep the double hung windows together; the latch by itself is not an effective safety device.

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