Go through our standard rules and regulations for uninterrupted dance training for your child.
Let your child enjoy our top-quality dance lessons in Dance Studio.


Attendance is taken at each class and recognition is given at recital for perfect attendance. Classes cannot be "made up" for this award; you must attend all of your regularly scheduled classes to receive this award. Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class, and the instructors cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of class for one student. If a student has missed two classes in a month, the instructor will notify the parent if a paid make-up lesson is necessary for the student to catch up. If a student absence becomes an on-going issue a meeting will be scheduled to discuss appropriate options. Please make every effort to have your child at every class. Awards are also given at the dance recital for full seasonal participation (September - Recital time).

Illness and Holidays

There are no make-up classes for illnesses. Arrangements may be made in case of a lengthy illness. Parents may visit dance class on the first class of the month in November and February. NO visitation days at any other time. Depending on the given situation you should call the studio and check the class cancellation message. We allow for three snow days per class a year. A 4th snow day will be made up during April Vacation at no additional cost,all students are required to attend their snow day make up class. Dial Ext. 5 to see if classes are cancelled.

Class Observation

Parents are allowed to observe class twice a year, once in December and once when costumes are tried on for the recital. This rule is in place so students training and classes go uninterrupted. If parents want pictures of class please ask in advance for instructors approval, pictures are to be taken in a timely manner and persons must leave the room after the task is finished.


The recital will be held at the end of each regular season. Dates of this event will be advertised at a later date and will be posted before January 1st. It is up to parents and guardians to make sure they do not schedule any other events during this time that may interrupt the dancers’ performance dates. Ticket prices will be advertised at a later date. Each student family will need to purchase a minimal amount of tickets based on enrollment and announced before ticket day.All attendees need to purchase a ticket, Infants will receive a free lap ticket if under the age of one years old, it is the LAW, and we need to account for everyone attending the recital. There are no exceptions to this rule. Anyone without a ticket will not be allowed in the event location. The Dance Haven is attentively looking into June to hold their annual recital. A recital and dress rehearsal date will be posted by January.