Sometimes your air conditioning system begins to show signs of a problem, but the unit is still working, so you decide to wait to call for repairs. This is rarely a good idea.

Most Common Questions.

No air conditioners FAQ page would be complete without an answer to the most elementary question. The best description of how they work is as a fridge does but backwards.

What are monoblock air conditioners?

These are typically the smallest type of  air conditioners and are self-contained, usually portable air conditioning units. The mobile monoblock air conditioners always have a hose exhaust, which needs routing through a window or door.

Why should I service my air conditioner?
Do you have any warranties?
Why is my air conditioner leaking?
Can I lease the system?
How long will my installation take?
When can you install the system?
Who will supervise and manage my installation?
What are the “Best” Air Conditioning Brands?
Will the system comply with all the Health & Safety regulations?

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