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Ventilation Services .

From indoor air quality upgrades to bath and kitchen fans, Aira designs and installs effective ventilation systems.

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Innovative Air Control

Aira have been providing Design and Technical Support to the Building Services Industry and Mechanical Consultants for many years. We offer a Full Design and Selection Service for our comprehensive range of Air Movement, Fire, Smoke and Acoustic products.

We deliver all our projects with keen attention to your time, energy, and money. You’ll enjoy high-quality solutions that are always delivered on schedule and within your budget.

Vent Engineering can deliver your entire ventilation solution, from initial project consultation, outlining specifications and system design consideration, on to bespoke vent manufacture and custom controls tailored to your buildings, through to supply, installation and commissioning.


Our Ventilation Services:

  • 1System Design
  • 2Direct Supply
  • 3Installation
  • 4Maintenance
  • 5And much more!

Ventilation on demand for underground mines

We also offer full lifetime logistic support for the system, and provide maintenance and inspection (a legal requirements for smoke ventilation) to ensure your ventilation operates as desired.

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Buildings vary considerably, and design and architectural considerations for new builds or refurbishments should not be constricted by cookie cutter components - that is why we tailor our vents and systems to your specific needs, so your building can benefit from natural ventilation and comply with legal requirements for smoke ventilation.

System Design

From a ventilation perspective ever building and structure is unique; the design / architecture, location / topography and aspect all affect its ventilation needs.

Ventilation system installation
Vent Maintenance

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