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Powis Hughes’s financial customer believed their executives, VIP and enterprise customer communications were not secure enough for the deals being discussed via GSM calls. Public leaks would damage the reputation of their organization who prided themselves on offering the highest level of service to their customers.



Given that a large number of the key workers within the organization discussing confidential information via their mobile devices on a day to day basis the customer had legitimate concerns about the confidentiality of information communicated using smartphones and tablets. Executives were also communicating with their VIP and Enterprise clients through consumer-based communications apps, which their clients became unhappy with due to reports of hacks and easy interception of well-known consumer solutions in 2019.



The organization trialed the system for 14 days with 25 users using a mix of iOS and Android devices. The 14-day trial allowed the organization to trial the system internally as well as with a handful of their VIPs to gather their feedback. By trialing the system with some external users the customer had greater confidence in choosing F&A to solve the issues they had experienced with their own clients - as well as allowing their senior team to communicate securely.

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The company chose to deploy the live system on-premise in their own data center. By doing this the company was able to set up the ‘Compliance Mode’ which allowed for the organization to securely archive the content of their communications. This was in parallel which they were mostly concerned with. SaltDNA representatives installed the dockerized version of the on-premise deployment remotely. After a few hours, with some tweaks to the configuration to meet the security constraints of the customer’s network, the system was fully up and running.

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