Accounting &
Finance Consultants

Payables &
Receivables Finance

Payables &
Receivables Finance

Business Loan

Choose the loan amount and term that fit your business needs.

Insurance Consulting

Choose the most optimal insurance product from all the variety in the market.

Financial Planning

A tech budget built for today’s bull market and tomorrow’s recession.

Solutions to Help Businesses
Stay Up and Running.

We transform the way in which working capital solutions are delivered to large corporates. Our team combines technology and financial services expertise to deliver for our customers.

Audit & Evaluation
Audit & Evaluation

A quality audit begins with leading professionals, processes and technology.

Famulus & Restructuring
Famulus & Restructuring

A wide range of complex famulus and restructuring-related matters.

Estate Planning
Estate Planning

The process of valuing your estate and the right documents in place.

Strategy & Planning
Strategy & Planning

Making decisions on allocating resources to pursue the strategy.

Accounting & Taxes
Accounting & Taxes

The essential accounting for income taxes and recognize tax liabilities.

Consumer Markets
Consumer Markets

Pertain to buyers who purchase goods and services for consumption than resale.

Accounting for

A Canadian connect-processing company needed to establish a new financial control group that would better serve its significantly changing needs...

Data on Transitioning to a New Office

It is very exciting moving into a new office because it often means that your business is expanding or moving up in class to attract high end clients. Whatever the reason it is...

Ideas for

Why do we treat large lump sums of money different than small monthly amounts? We tend to treat larger amounts in a more thoughtful way. Perhaps that’s why...


We Take Our Work Seriously Let the Numbers Speak!

75 %
Done on Time

We have extensive experience across all areas of famulus.

93 %
Tax Calculation

Receipt tax are acknowledged to be sales and use taxes.

69 %
IRS Approved

The IRS complies with the tax filling financial obligations.

91 %
Tax Cut

The effective tax rate for all companies has been reduced.

Who They Are?

Valued Clients meet the expectations of well-informed services.

Who They Are?
Who Works For Us?

Experts in House expertise to support clients with the best customer service.

Who Works For Us?
How Did We Achieve This?

Revenue Last Year support you in mastering today’s and tomorrow’s tasks.

How Did We Achieve This?

How We Help Businesses
Keep Running and Healthy.

Companies seem to dislike the term ‘turnaround consulting’ because it represents failure. The truth is that turnaround consulting represents success at realizing the company is going in the wrong direction.

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“It’s been a pleasure to work with you guys. You have a great grasp in the field and have been a strong advisor. I have confidence that my office is in good hands."

Krista Berghoff
CEO, AvandoComp

“We are the ones who value YOUR partnership. You all have been with us from the very beginning and we could not have navigated the ‘murky’ waters without you all by our side."

John Vargson
Co-Founder, Gridshort

“Famulus has been my go-to consultant for various operations and ventures. They have helped me resolve multiple and complex strategic, financial and legal issues.

Helen Miracle
Executive Assistant, LTD

“I just wanted to let you know that your team has been doing a tremendous job on our requests. They turned things around quickly with approaches with us on."

Greg Thomson
Manager, Roda LLC

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